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Tender Years Childcare provides a nurturing, safe and educational environment for infants up to pre-kindergarteners! Call us at 718-358-5799


The Full Creative Curriculum focuses on your Infant thru five-year-old child’s primary areas of development. Below you will find our curriculum’s expectations for children in our Pre-Kinder class.

Communication and Language Development

Creative Curriculum contains activities that will promote early literacy skills, including alphabet letter recognition, phonics, and comprehension. Your child will be immersed in a print-rich environment, surrounded by award-winning children’s literature, which helps prepare him for kindergarten.

Social and Emotional Development

Creative Curriculum is full of activities designed to increase children’s independence, further developing their confidence and abilities. Teachers encourage the children to play a responsible role in the classroom community. Children will learn to solve problems by using words.

Physical Skills

Creative Curriculum addresses all gross motor skills, which strengthen the large muscle groups of the body, such as arms and legs. Gross motor skills include jumping, running, throwing and catching a ball, and climbing playground equipment. Children will be encouraged to dance and participate in noncompetitive races. Fine motor skills, which include finger and hand movements, are vital to your child’s future writing skills. Four-year-olds will strengthen fine motor skills by playing in a sand-filled Discovery Table, by stacking small blocks, and by writing their names with finger paint.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive skills are the foundation of learning and knowledge. Creative Curriculum contains many activities designed to prepare your child for elementary school. Children will be encouraged to recite finger plays and nursery rhymes, retell stories in their own words, make comparisons, and explore and make discoveries.

Math and Science Skills Development

Creative Curriculum focuses on math and science readiness. Your child will practice important math skills, such as classifying, identifying shapes and numbers, and counting. Tender Years teachers will provide many hands-on opportunities for the children to explore the weather, plants, animals, sounds, textures, and other essential science topics.

Character Education

At Tender Years Childcare, we believe it is important to introduce children to a wide variety of character traits. Each month, a value, such as pride or cooperation is introduced to your child throughout the program activities. Your child’s teacher will encourage her to use positive self-talk as she is challenged with a new task. Children’s artwork is prominently displayed so they can show off their hard work to their families. These activities promote pride and encourage children to embrace new challenges!

Daily Activities Chart

07:30-08:30   Drop Off/Quiet Play/Educ. Film
08:30-09:00   Prayer/Breakfast/Hygiene
09:00-09:40   Free Play/Warm Up Songs
09:40-10:10   Circle Time - Fun Learning activities designed to stimulate thinking
10:10-10:50   Arts & Crafts, Math/Science
10:50-11:30   Center Time– Blocks/Game, Dramatic Play/Computers, Sand & Water
11:30-12:15   Spiritual Awareness/Writing Skills/Outdoor Play/Educ. Projects
12:15-01:00   Prayer/Hygiene/Lunch/Bathroom/Quiet Reading
01:00-03:00   Nap Time–Preparing Lessons
03:00-03:30   Prayer/Snack/Hygiene
03:30-04:00   Story/Library/Quiet Play
04:00-04:30   Computer/Instruments/Backyard
04:30-05:00   Writing, Math/Science, Review
05:00-05:30   TableTop/Child Prep/Dismissal
05:31   CLOSED Late charge fee begins for late pickups

Full Time Rates (Part Time Rates Available)*

Infants (11 month & below)   $265
Infants/Toddlers (1yr. 11m)   $240
Toddlers (2yr.11m)   $220
Pre-school (3yr. 11m)   $200
Pre-kinder (4yr. 11m. If child turns after September 1st)   $180
If child turns 4 before Aug. 31   $145
After school program   $95
Must Call for Part Time Rates

Registration/Application Fee

Toddlers and above   $175
Infant and below   $215

*Prices are subject to change

Programs We Accept:


Preschool & Toddlers

Will experience learning through a structured daily routine geared to enhancing their thinking skills which will encourage your child the “What,” “Why” and “How” offered by our Curriculum Teaching Strategies for Pre-school & Toddler.

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